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~The DeG Icon Challenge~

::Kiss Me ↔ Kill Me ↔ Love Me::

The "One + Only" Dir-en-grey Icon Contest
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

Hello and welcome to the Dir en Grey Icon Challenge!

Anyone is free to join and partake in the contests regardless of icon making skill. Each and every Monday a challenge will be posted along with a theme & image to work with. Then it’s up to you to get your icons ready by the deadline Friday 8pm (GMT) when all the icons will be posted and the vote will be held with the winners announced on the Sunday.

Posting access is reserved for your friendly neighbourhood mods and maintainers’ bluemana and selinachan. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask:)

→You must be a member to vote/participate.
→All icons must contain/be related to Dir en Grey.
→Each contestant may submit 1 icon per challenge and it must meet livejournal’s requirements of 100x100 pixels or less and 40k or less.
→The icon submitted must be a new icon made fresh for the challenge and not be used till after the challenge has ended.
→Each icon must be made by the contestant submitting it. Anyone caught submitting work that’s not their own will be disqualified from the weeks challenge and given a warning. Anyone with two or more warnings will be banned from this community.
→Please do not recruit friends to vote for the icon that you created, this is called cheating and you will receive a warning for it.
→The mods can and most likely will participate in the challenges too.
→If you see an icon that you would like to use please ask a mod, they’ll direct you to its creator and from there you must get the creators permission.
→You cannot vote for yourself
→Please respect your mods and other members of the community
→And please…have fun!:D


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Voting must be done using this method.

First =
Second =
Third =

Special Category =

There will also be a "Mods Choice" announced along with the winners.

Founder/Mod/Maintainer & Overall Goddess = bluemana
Mod/Maintainer = selinachan
Banner Makers = selinachan, whitefish

Want to be a banner maker? Then comment here.


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